Our Investments-OLD

Nexus Robotics develops autonomous robotic solution for agriculture using machine learning.

Materium has developed MATSPHERES®, an innovative patented silica based microsphere technology, providing 300% increase in water treatment fermentation and enzymes immobilization.


Kourant ’s Electro BioReactor (EBR) technology can significantly reduce carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals and other micropollutants below the most stringent limits, by merging electricity with biological processes within the existing wastewater treatment plant installation, Kourant

Helios UAV develops and deploys high quality data acquisition solutions by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drones) formultiple industries: mining, geophysics, geomatics, civil engineering, surveillance and environment.

Impactful Health R&D develops compostable active packaging to prolong shelf life of fresh foods starting with fish as an entry market.

INNO-3B designs, builds and installs automated vertical farming systems for growers and producers.  This closed environment technology is a new production platform that can be adapted to a large variety of plants for food and pharmaceutical applications.

AecopaQ specializes in the development, production and marketing of innovative and exclusive biodegradable, recyclable and compostable food packaging products using locally available natural fibers.

Aeponyx is the leader in micro optical switch chips design and marketing for greener fiber optic access to the cloud.


BluWave-ai is an AI-based platform that optimizes the operation of smart grid and micro-grids.

OPA Technologies empowers private and public organizations for smart mobility with its innovative geospatial platform. OPA helps governments and private firms to plan, coordinate and communicate traffic obstructions and manage road mobility in real time.

Potloc  offers unbiased geofenced consumer insights from shoppers


Pyrowave’s technology uses microwave to convert plastics waste into chemicals reused to make new plastics.

Électrobac, known for its innovative smartbin network, is an e-waste collection company specialized in small electronics. Electrobac also operates a Buybac service to help large organizations dispose of their corporate mobile devices.

GSTS is an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics company that processes data from satellite and terrestrial sensors to save lives, energy and the environment in the maritime sector.

Biotechnologies Ulysse develops bacterial solutions for the treatment of plants

Maxwellian develops a universal optical sensing technology for harsh environment monitoring.